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a newly minted PhD.

Dr. Thomas Alan Singleton, PhD, has been successful in defence on November 28, 2014 his Thesis in pursuit of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Chemistry, at McGill University, Montréal, Québec Canada. He is now a graduand, pending Spring 2015 convocation and awarding of the degree he rightfully earned!

this event was posted December 5, 2014


My Favourite Entertainment venue, The Regent Theatre, Picton Ontario



The Regent Theatre 224 Main Street
Picton, Ontario K0K 2T0
613.476.8416 ext 28 or toll free 877.411.4761 - stat!

..Just Posted, late-season kayaking antics vid ; kayak rebuild rollout!..
reconstruction details click here

AND, Lake Ontario, near Millhaven November 04, temp:18C

November Millhaven Petro-dock

GoPro Video Files and others - start with a GoPro Hero 2 windshield-mount; WiFi remote controlled, or use a handheld with HD of course


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Retired more than 5 years now! Work, the trad working for a straw boss is a distant memory.

TOP waiting for the Glenora Ferry, Adolphustown (Greater Napanee) side. No, I'm not squinting, because yes Tony, these glasses are GOLD plated.

*Check this link out* : Napanee River, April 2014


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Kayaks, Hops, Bread, Coffee, Volunteerism, AND a garden with diversity.

2013 retrospective vid courtesy google (not too shabby, PLEASE view)(...to be updated soon)

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early tulip, escaped

small container garden greens

"(yester)day lily"

imagine how intense sage flowers...

my cherished dahlia (and a bonus Monarch)

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