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courtesy, my American friend, Filbert (wood)

Once upon a time, this filbert, corylus, hazelnut grower bought a Corylus sapling from a Mr. Reeve at Golden Bough Tree Farm, Marlbank, Ontario. Later on, one of my oldest and dearest friends Graham Livingstone gave me a local what turned out to be 2 beaked (Corylus cornuta) rootings in Thunder Bay Ontario, 1999

That was then, this is now. Later on, many moons later, I hesitated to coppice the plant, and the result was many (MANY) , pretty straight, resilient, light in weight, yet tough-as-nails staff and stick material source pieces of wood. One of the first stick I did was a Scout staff for Thomas A. Singleton.

a scout staff

for Thomas A. Singleton, PhD

It is 1.375M long, 4cm thick at maximum, yet weighs in at just over 900g. Incredibly strong, it has a few built-in features. Vee top (thumb stay) and elastic (shock cord) wrist stay, held by dual 12 gauge copper staples, top of vee stay houses both a compass and a standard camera mount stud (with covering screw-on cap when not in use). Most of the body is left natural Corylus (hazel wood) bark. All stripped areas, ends and removed branches, are epoxy sealed after thorough drying, ends can be metal (copper, brass or steel) capped. Shock cord can be substituted with Spectra or other polymer cord. I'll show you the origins of the "hook" Little John approved.

Other sticks and canes...

I've made a number of canes for friends, colleagues, relatives, especially after "life events" necessitating assistive, yet pleasing to look at and hand-made ambulatory devices. They're deceptively light, durable, easy to adapt, and STRONG. They take weight and punishment. I've augmented them with epoxy on exposed surfaces, custom built features in on request. Check them out.

there's a saying in the cane-making business, danged if I recall at the moment, but, oh, I made a monopod or two, this one is 484g, 1.14m, ss spike, composite golf spike or custom copper tip (my personal favourite), Trek-Tech magnetic mount head, light-weight, strong, a real beaut.


and other classics